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My research deals with the two sides of the pleasure coin: My work on self-regulation and personal mastery that deals with the managing the pull of pleasure and my work on. aesthetics design and luxury that deal with embracing and giving in to pleasure. In addition, I am often driven by curiosity to pursue other interesting phenomenon and marketing insights.


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Aesthetics, Design, and Luxury
Self-regulation and Personal Mastery
Consumer Behavior Phenomena
Aesthetics, Design and Luxury publications

Research Articles

1. Hollenbeck, Candice R. and Vanessa M. Patrick, “A R.E.C.I.P.E. for Inclusion: A Six-Step Journey to Teaching Inclusive Market Orientation,” forthcoming in Marketing Education Review.


2. To Ngoc (Rita) and Vanessa M. Patrick (2021), “How the Eyes Connect to the Heart: The Influence of Eye Gaze Direction on Advertising Effectiveness,” Journal of Consumer Research, 48(1), 123-146.


3. Patrick, Vanessa M. and Candice Hollenbeck (2021), “Designing for All: Consumer Response to Inclusive Design,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 31(2), 360-381. Winner of the 2022 AMA CBSIG Research Impact award.


4. Roggeveen, Anne, Dhruv Grewal, John Karsberg, Stephanie M. Noble, Jens Nordfält, Vanessa M. Patrick, Elisa Schweiger, Gonca Soysal, Annemarie Dillard, Nora Cooper & Richard Olson (2021), “Forging Meaningful Consumer-Brand Relationships Through Creative Merchandise Offerings and Innovative Merchandising Strategies,” Journal of Retailing, 97(1), 81-98.

5. Chen, Huan, Jun Pang, Minkyung Koo and Vanessa M. Patrick (2020), “Shape Matters: Package Shape Informs Brand Status Categorization and Brand Choice,” Journal of Retailing, 96(2), 266-281.

6. Izadi Anoosha and Vanessa M. Patrick (2019), “The Power of the Pen: Handwritten Fonts Promote Haptic Engagement,” Psychology and Marketing, 1-19.

7. Koo, Mingkyung, Hyewon Oh and Vanessa M. Patrick (2019), “From Oldie to Goldie: Humanizing Old Produce Enhances its Appeal,” Journal of the Association of Consumer Research, 4(4), 337-351.

8. Bublitz, Melissa G., Tracy Rank Christman, Luca Cian, Xavier Ignacio Cortada, Adriana Madzharov, Vanessa M. Patrick, Laura A. Peracchio, Maura Scott, Aparna Sundar, Ngoc Minh To and Claudia Townsend (2019), “Collaborative Art: A Transformational Force within Communities,” Journal of the Association of Consumer Research, 4(4), 313-331.

9. Wang, Tingting, Anirban Mukhopadhyay and Vanessa M. Patrick (2017), “Getting Consumers to Recycle NOW!: Positive Effects of Cuteness in Prosocial Behavior,” Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 36(2), 269-283.

10. Patrick, Vanessa M., Yashar Atefi and Henrik Hagtvedt (2017), “The Allure of the Hidden: How Product Unveiling confers Value,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 34(2), 430-41.

11. Patrick, Vanessa M. (2016), “Everyday Consumer Aesthetics,” Current Opinion in Psychology, 10, 60-64.

12. Hagtvedt, Henrik and Vanessa M. Patrick (2016), “Gilt versus Guilt: Should Luxury and Charity Partner at the Point of Sale?,” Journal of Retailing, 92(1), 56-64.

13. Meert Katrien, Mario Pandelaere and Vanessa M. Patrick (2014), “Taking a Shine to It: How the Preference for Glossy stems from an innate need for water,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 24(2), 195-206.

14. Hagtvedt, Henrik and Vanessa M. Patrick (2014), “Consumer Response to Overstyling: Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality in Product Design,” Psychology and Marketing, 31(7), 518-525.

15. Labrecque, Lauren I., Vanessa M. Patrick and George R. Milne (2013), “The Marketers’ Prismatic Palette: A Review of Color Research and Future Directions,” Psychology and Marketing, 30(2), 187-202.

16. Patrick, Vanessa M. and Henrik Hagtvedt (2011), “Aesthetic Incongruity Resolution,” Journal of Marketing Research, 48(2), 393-402.

17. Hagtvedt, Henrik and Vanessa M. Patrick (2011), “Turning Art into Mere Illustration: Concretizing Art Renders Its Influence Context Dependent,” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 37 (12), 1624-32.

18. Lacey, Simon, Henrik Hagtvedt, Vanessa M. Patrick, Amy Anderson, Randall Stilla, Gopikrishna Deshpande, Xiaoping Hu, Joao R. Sato, Srinivas Reddy, and Krish Sathian (2011), “Art for Reward’s Sake: Visual Art activates the Human Ventral Straitum,” NeuroImage, 55(1), 420-433.

19. Hagtvedt, Henrik and Vanessa M. Patrick (2009), “The Broad Embrace of Luxury: Hedonic Potential as a Driver of Brand Extendibility,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 19, 608-618.

20. Hagtvedt, Henrik and Vanessa M. Patrick (2008), “Art and the Brand: The Role of Visual Art in Enhancing Brand Extendibility,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 18(July), 212-222.

21. Hagtvedt, Henrik, Reidar Hagtvedt, and Vanessa M. Patrick (2008), “The Perception and Evaluation of Visual Art,” Empirical Studies of the Arts, 26 (2), 197-218.

22. Hagtvedt, Henrik and Vanessa M. Patrick (2008), “Art Infusion: The Influence of Visual Art on the Perception and Evaluation of Consumer Products,” Journal of Marketing Research, 45 (June), 379-89.

Chapters and Editorials

1. Patrick, Vanessa M. and Henrik Hagtvedt (2020), “Everyday Consumer Aesthetics,” in The Oxford Handbook of Empirical Aesthetics, Editors: Marcos Nadal & Oshin Vartanian, Oxford University Press.

2. Patrick, Vanessa M. and Alokparna (Sonia) Monga (2020), “Building and Growing Luxury Brands: Strategies for Pursuing Growth while Maintaining Brand Coherence” in Research Handbook on Luxury Branding, Editors: Felicitas Morhart, Sandor Czellar & Keith Wilcox, Edward Elgar Publishing.

3. Patrick, Vanessa M., Laura A. Peracchio and Claudia Townsend (2019), “Uncovering the Potential of Aesthetics and Design to Transform Everyday Life,” Journal of the Association of Consumer Research, 4(4), 306-312.

4. Editorial “C.W. Park: A Pioneer in the Study of Branding,” in Legends in Consumer Behavior: Professor C.W. Park, Editor Vanessa M. Patrick (Vol. 5), Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2017.

5. Patrick, Vanessa M. and Ngoc (Rita) To (2017), “Winning over the hearts and minds of India’s luxury consumer: Unique challenges for luxury brand strategy in India” in “Indian Consumer Perspectives”, Editors Durairaj Maheswaran (Mahesh) and Thomas Puliyel. Oxford University Press.

6. Patrick, Vanessa M. and Henrik Hagtvedt (2016), “Luxury Branding” in “The Future of Branding,” Editors Rajendra Srivastava and Greg M Thomas. Sage Publications.

7. Patrick, Vanessa M. and Laura A. Peracchio (2010), “"Curating" the JCP Special Issue on Aesthetics in Consumer Psychology: An Introduction to the Special Issue,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 20(4), 393-397.

8. Hagtvedt, Henrik and Vanessa M. Patrick (2010), “Fine Arts” in the Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture, Editor Dale Southerton, Sage Publications.

9. Patrick, Vanessa M. and Henrik Hagtvedt (2010), “Art in Advertising” in the Encyclopedia of Creativity, 2nd Edition, Editors Mark Runco and Steven Pritzker.

10. Patrick, Vanessa M. and Henrik Hagtvedt (2009), “Luxury Branding,” in the Handbook of Brand Relationships, Editors: Joseph Priester, Deborah J. MacInnis and C. Whan Park.

​Self-regulation and Personal Mastery publications

1.     Patrick, Vanessa M. (2021), “Getting to Gutsy: Using Personal Policies to Enhance (and Reclaim) Agency in the Workplace,” Rutgers Business Review, Summer, 161-188.


2. Ebrahimi, Mahdi, Maryam Kouchaki and Vanessa M. Patrick (2020), “Juggling Work and Home Selves: Low Identity Integration Feels Less Authentic and Increases Unethicality,” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 158, 101-111.


3. Mead, Nicole L., Vanessa M. Patrick, Manissa Gunadi and Wilhelm Hoffmann (2016), “Simple Pleasures, Small Annoyances, and Goal Progress in Daily Life, Journal of the Association of Consumer Research, 1(4), 527-39.

4. Mead, Nicole L. and Vanessa M. Patrick (2016), “The Taming of Desire: How Postponing Pleasures can Facilitate Self-Control,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 110(1), 20-35.


5. Patrick, Vanessa M. and Henrik Hagtvedt (2012), “How to Say "No": Conviction and Identity Attributions in Persuasive Refusal,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 29, 390-394.


6. Patrick, Vanessa M. and Henrik Hagtvedt (2012), “”Don’t” versus “Can’t”: Refusal Strategies for Psychological Empowerment,” Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 39, No. 2 (August 2012), pp. 371-381.


7. Fedorikhin, Alexander and Vanessa M. Patrick (2010), “Positive Mood and Resistance to Temptation: The Interfering Influence of Elevated Arousal,” Journal of Consumer Research, 37(4), 698-711. Authors alphabetical.


8. Patrick, Vanessa M., Hae Eun Chun and Deborah J. MacInnis (2009), “Affective Forecasting and Self-Control: When Anticipating Pride wins over Anticipating Shame in a Self-regulation context,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 19(3), 537-45.

9. Labroo, Aparna and Vanessa M. Patrick (2009), “Psychological Distancing: Why Happiness Helps You See the Big Picture,” Journal of Consumer Research, 35 (February), 800-809. Authors alphabetical.

10. Cheema, Amar and Vanessa M. Patrick (2008), “Anytime versus Only: Mindsets Moderate the Effect of Expansive versus Restrictive Frames on Promotion Evaluation,“ Journal of Marketing Research, 45 (August), 462-472. Authors alphabetical.


11. Patrick, Vanessa M., Deborah J. MacInnis and C. Whan Park (2007), “Not as Happy as I Thought I’d Be: Affective Misforecasting and Product Evaluations,” Journal of Consumer Research, 33 (4), 479-490.


12. MacInnis, Deborah J. and Vanessa M. Patrick (2006), “A Spotlight on Affect: The Role of Affect and Affective Forecasting in Self-Regulation and Impulse Control,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, Vol 16 (3), 224-231.


13. MacInnis Deborah J.  Vanessa M. Patrick, and C. Whan Park (2005), “Looking through the Crystal Ball: The Role of Affective Forecasting and Misforecasting in Consumer Behavior,” Review of Marketing Research, Volume 2, 43-79.

Consumer Behavior Phenomena and Managerial Insights publications

1.Zhang, Zhe and Vanessa M. Patrick (2021), “Mickey D’s Has More Street Cred than McDonalds: Consumer Brand Nickname Use Signals Information Authenticity,” Journal of Marketing, 85(5), 58-73.


2. Bayuk, Julia and Vanessa M. Patrick (2021), “Is the uphill road the one more taken? How task complexity prompts action on non-pressing tasks,” Journal of Business Research, 128, 436-49.


3. Izadi Anoosha, Melanie Rudd and Vanessa M. Patrick (2019), “The Way the Wind Blows: Direction of Airflow Energizes Consumers and Fuels Creative Engagement,” Journal of Retailing, 95(4), 143-157.

4. Tawse, Alex, Vanessa M. Patrick and Dusya Vera (2019), “Crossing the Chasm: Leadership nudges to help transition from strategy formulation to strategy implementation,” Business Horizons, 62(2) 249-57.

5. Zhang, Zhe and Vanessa M. Patrick (2018), “Call me Rollie! The Role of Brand Nicknames in shaping Consumer-Brand Relationships,” Journal of the Association of Consumer Research, 3(2), 147-162.

6. Hollenbeck, Candice and Vanessa M. Patrick (2017), “Alleviating survivor loneliness: The value of expressive gift systems in peer-to-peer online patient survivor networks,” in Russell W. Belk (ed.) Qualitative Consumer Research (Review of Marketing Research, Volume 14) Emerald Publishing Limited, pp.139 – 160.

7. Hollenbeck, Candice and Vanessa M. Patrick (2016), “Mastering Survivorship: How Brands Facilitate the Transformation to Heroic Survivor,” Journal of Business Research, 61(1), 73-82.

8. Cheema, Amar and Vanessa M. Patrick (2012), “Influence of Warm versus Cool Temperatures on Consumer Choice: A Resource Depletion Account,” Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 49(6), 984-995.

9. Patrick, Vanessa M., Matthew Lancellotti and Gustavo De Mello (2009), “Coping with Non-Purchase: Managing the Stress of Inaction Regret” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 19(3), 463-72.

10. Patrick, Vanessa M., Matthew Lancellotti and Henrik Hagtvedt (2009), “Getting a Second Chance: The Role of Imagery in the Influence of Inaction Regret on Behavioral Intent,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 37 (2) 181-190.


11. Patrick, Vanessa M. and C. Whan Park (2006), “Paying before Consuming: Examining the robustness of consumers’ preference for prepayment,” Journal of Retailing, 82 (3) 165-175.

12. MacInnis, Deborah J., Gustavo de Mello and Vanessa M. Patrick (2004), “Consumer Hopefulness: Construct, Relevance to Internet Marketing, Antecedents and Consequences,” Int. J. Internet Marketing and Advertising, 1 (2), 174-195.


13. Folkes, Valerie S. and Vanessa M. Patrick (2003), “The Positivity Effect in Perceptions of Services: Seen One, Seen Them All?” Journal of Consumer Research, 30 (1), 125-137.

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